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Clipping of beauty.



beaut (plural beauts)

  1. (informal) Something or someone that is physically attractive.
    That new car of yours is a real beaut.
  2. (informal) Something that is a remarkable example of its type.
    • 1942, Nelson Algren, Never Come Morning, published 2001, page 282:
      Bruno lifted his left hand out of the bucket in order to point out to Catfoot a lump, the size of a darning egg, over his left eye. [] "Ain't it a beaut, Cat? It's where he butted me."
    • 1994, Stephen Jay Gould, Eight Little Piggies: Reflections in Natural History, page 109:
      In his most famous quip, La Guardia once remarked, “When I make a mistake it's a beaut!”
    • 2000, James Patterson, The Midnight Club, page 272:
      Both of them were used to long surveillance stints. This looked like it might be a beaut.