beaver eater

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beaver eater (plural beaver eaters)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Someone, especially a lesbian, who gives oral sex to a woman.
    • 1999, William Cousert, Re: Top 10 Gabrielle Spinoffs Group:
      [] K'Prie "Beaver Eater" []
    • 1997, White Wolf, Names for Fags (female) Group: alt.tasteless.jokes
      Amy-John Boon Dagger Bull Bull Dyke Bull Dagger Butch Beaver Eater Carpet Muncher Dyke Diesel Dyke Fairy Lady Fem Femme Fluff Fluzz Dyke Gal Boy Gay Jasper Lady-Lover Les Lesbyterian Lezzie Lesbo Lezzo Lover Under the Lap
    • 2004, Frank beaumier, Sex Cults and Other Phenomena Volume Two, Page 79
      No, I'm not a religious fanatic, or a sex nut, but you can place me in the confirmed beaver eater category