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eat +‎ -er



eater (plural eaters)

  1. One who eats.
  2. An eating apple.
    • 2004, Laura Mason, Food Culture in Great Britain, page 94:
      For the British market, apples are classed as early, mid-season, or late, and subdivided into eaters or cookers.
  3. One who performs fellatio or cunnilingus.
    • 2001, Cool Sexy Guy, Story: Cheerleading Camp Group:
      The girls were having lots of fun rolling around on the bed, though Kacie was a much better fingerer and occasional eater.
    • 1987, Baird Jones, Sexual humor - Page 309
      I'm a slow but fastidious eater
    • 1997, James White, The Best Sex of Your Life - Page 166
      Ice cream tastes good to the eater, and has the added advantage of providing a little chill of excitement []
  4. (cellular automata) A configuration of cells that appears to consume another configuration by gradually causing it to disappear.

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