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Alternative forms[edit]


crow +‎ eater. Early settlers in South Australia were alleged to have eaten the breast meat of crows, parrots and cockatoos when there was a shortage of red meat. The term entered the lexicon in the late 1800s. (Alternatively, "crow" is a butcher's term for mesentery, an otherwise little-eaten tripe.)


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croweater (plural croweaters)

  1. (Australia, slang) A person from South Australia.
    • 2008, Robert Harvey, Harves: Strength Through Loyalty[1], page 137:
      In those days we would play the Croweaters on a Tuesday night over in Adelaide.
    • 2009, John P. Devaney, Full Points Footy: Encyclopedia of Australian Football Clubs[2], page 328:
      In the event, Carlton′s ‘worm’, Alex Jesaulenko, was comprehensively upstaged by his croweater rival, Barrie Robran, who in the end probably proved the decisive difference between the two sides.
    • 2010, Mungo MacCallum, Punch & Judy: The Double Disillusion Election of 2010, Large Print 16pt edition, page 109,
      The moderates, led by Joe Hockey and Chris Pyne (who refers to his fellow croweater in terms that are unprintable even in the most enlightened media), were delighted.

Usage notes[edit]

The term is not considered derogatory.[1]


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