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crow-eater (plural crow-eaters)

  1. (Australia) Alternative form of croweater
    • 2004, Susie Ashworth, Rebecca Turner, Simone Egger, Western Australia, page 24,
      In South Australia you′ll rub shoulders with crow-eaters, in Queensland you′ll knock back a beer in a bar full of banana-benders (or cane toads), in NSW you′ll sit among a crowd of cockroaches at the footy, and in Tasmania you′ll trek alongside a bunch of (rather unimaginstively named) apple-eaters.
    • 2011, Liam Houlihan, Badlands: Australia's 13 Most Intriguing True Murders[1], page 260:
      Specific thanks for story ideas to probationary crow-eater Kelvin Healey, lifer Kate Kyriacou and tip-rat-turned-outback-hack Matt Cunningham.