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From be- +‎ calm.



becalm (third-person singular simple present becalms, present participle becalming, simple past and past participle becalmed)

  1. (transitive, obsolete) To make calm or still; make quiet; calm.
    • 1589, John Clapham (translator), A philosophicall treatise concerning the quietnes of the mind, London: Thomas Newman,[1]
      [] there is neither house nor landes, nor great store of gold & siluer, nor honor and noblenes of blood, nor greatnes of office, and estate, nor the grace and vehemencie of speach, which doth so much lighten, and so sweetlie becalme the life of man, as an vndefiled conscience []
    • 1717, Delarivier Manley, Lucius, the First Christian King of Britain, London: John Barber, Act IV, Scene 1, p. 39,[2]
      Almighty Beauty quite becalms my Rage:
      In looking on thee, I forget thy Crimes:
    • 1897, Opie Read, Old Ebenezer, Chicago: Laird & Lee, Chapter 6, p. 57,[3]
      “Pardon me,” he said, with a quietness that struck the company with a becalming awe.
  2. (transitive, nautical) To deprive (a ship) of wind, so that it cannot move (usually in passive).