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bedizen +‎ -ry


  • IPA(key): /bɪˈdaɪzənɹɪ/, /bɪˈdɪzənɹɪ/


bedizenry (uncountable)

  1. Showy or gaudy decorations or finery.
    • 1847, Henry Howe, Historical Collections of Virginia, Charleston: W.R. Babcock, “Fairfax,” p. 259,[1]
      Money made in the stocks can purchase the bedizenry of our city drawing-rooms; but these elevating associations, which no gold can buy, no popular favor win, which can only be inherited, these are the heir-looms, the traditionary titles and pensions, inalienable, not conferred, which a republic allows to the descendants of her great servants.
    • 1900, Louise Jordan Miln, Wooings and Weddings in Many Climes, Chicago & New York: Herbert & Stone, Chapter 25, p. 345,[2]
      A Sikh will travel any distance to join a barat, walking briskly through the glittering scorch of the indescribable Punjaubi sunshine, clad in all the weight and bedizenry of his best raiment []
    • 1989, Jack Vance, Madouc, Novato, California: Underwood-Miller, Chapter 6, p. 130,[3]
      “I have heard that in Rome and Ravenna the churches are crammed so full with gold ornaments and jeweled gewgaws that they lack space for aught else. Be assured that never a penny from the Royal Exchequer of Lyonesse will be spent on such bedizenry.”