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From bee +‎ -y.



beey (comparative more beey, superlative most beey)

  1. (informal, rare) Reminiscent of or containing bees.
    • 1871, P.J. Malone, “Goethe and Frederica” in The Rural Carolinian II, page 252
      It was the sweetest April-time, / And beey-swarms humm’d thro’ the trees, / And Nature’s voice, in silver rhyme, / Received fresh cadence from the bees.
    • 1887, Ptolemy Houghton, Hatred Is Akin to Love, page 35
      Fell backwards into a soft, though rather waspy and beey, bed.
    • 1905, The Bee-Keepers’ Review XVIII, page 58
      [Sugar honey] has a peculiarly sweet, spicy, “beey” flavor that is simply delicious.
    • 2008, Muncy Christian, The Very Bloody Marys, page 190
      The buzzy, gnatty, beey, mosquitoey sound was back. In fact, it sounded even more buzzy, gnatty, beey, mosquitoey than it had before.