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From be- +‎ gather. Cognate with Middle Dutch begaderen.


begather (third-person singular simple present begathers, present participle begathering, simple past and past participle begathered)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To gather about; gather round; assemble.
    • 1907, Edward Hardingham, Lays and legends of the forest of Essex:
      Their horrible glee The phantoms forsaking, about her chill form Loud mocking begather! Yet fiercer the storm Shocks onward terrific — A thunderbolt falls! — Oaks crash down heart-shatter'd!
    • 1989, Lynn Lonidier, Clitoris lost:
      Your birthday was in the drying and browning month of my mother's death. I took how Summer tossed your heart at me and made a cornucopia of a snake, my crown. Snake's tongue begathers Winter's sway.