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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English behoveful, equivalent to behoof +‎ -ful.



behoveful (comparative more behoveful, superlative most behoveful)

  1. (archaic) Needful or proper; behoving; beneficial.
    • 1591, William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, First Folio 1623, IV.3:
      No Madam, we haue cul'd such necessaries / As are behoouefull for our state to morrow [].
    • 1600, Christopher Sutton, Disce Mori: Learn to Die, edition 1839 ed., Chapter IV:
      How behoveful it is for every Christian man soberly to meditate of his end.
    • 1603, John Florio, translating Michel de Montaigne, Essays, II.12:
      she forsaketh and leaveth us to the hazard of fortune; and by art to quest and finde out those things that are behovefull and necessarie for our preservation [].