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belles-lettristic (comparative more belles-lettristic, superlative most belles-lettristic)

  1. Pertaining to belles-lettres; having, or describing, a primarily aesthetic literary bent.
    • 1951, Richard Foster Jones, The Seventeenth Century
      We had been only vaguely aware, I think, how much less belles-lettristic than his French contemporary was the seventeenth-century Englishman...
    • 1998, George B Hewitt, The Abkhazians: A Handbook
      Truly Abkhazian belles-lettristic literature began in 1912 when Gulia published his first volume of collected works...
    • 2006, Ellie Chambers, Marshall W Gregory, Teaching and Learning English Literature
      Belles-lettristic writing about literature developed the model of a thoughtful person sitting down with a literary work of life-long acquaintance...