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Alternative forms[edit]


From belly +‎ wark (pain).


bellywark (countable and uncountable, plural bellywarks)

  1. (Midlands and Northern England) A pain in the stomach; bellyache; colic; gripe.
    • 1869, A. Lodge, Forty Years Ago, page 22:
      "Nay, nay," replied Charley, "I'm noen soea weel this morning, I've had th' bellywark vary bad, an' I'm feared it 'ell start again if I knock abaet, I'd rather ne quiet."
    • 2011 December 7, Richard, “Re: Cafe Giardino”, in Hastings Forum[1]:
      wish I could eat the darn stuff - gives me bellywarks !!
    • 2013, Gilman, Greer, Cloud & Ashes, →ISBN, page 173:
      "Cuddy's getten bellywark. Green imbers, he's etten."
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:bellywark.
  2. (Yorkshire, games) A shot in marbles made with the taw held against the belly.