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From Middle English beloken, biloken, equivalent to be- +‎ look.


belook (third-person singular simple present belooks, present participle belooking, simple past and past participle belooked)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To look about or around; look over or across; look after; give a look to; look at.
    • 1884, John Payne, Leonard C. Smithers, Thomas-Simon Gueullette, Oriental Tales:
      They sighed and answered, "O our brother, some one must have belooked us with the evil eye and there is no security in travel.
    • 1925, Albert Payson Terhune, Najib:
      And I betook him to where the body was laid. Much blood was thereon. For we had slaughtered two chickens to endecorate it. Massoud was not fair to behold, there in the dimness. Yes, he belooked him horribly pitiful as he belay himself there [...]
    • 2008, UFC annouces two fights for The Ultimate Fighter 8 finale:
      Jason MacDonald is belooking to continue his streak following an impressive victory overJason Lambert at UFC 88.
    • 2012, leak somewhere - PT Cruiser Forum:
      It could be a loose clamp on the car, but not sure where i need to be belooking.