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(English) In:
He opened the door for his son,
"son" or "for his son" is benefactive


From Latin benefactus (benefited) plus -ive. Attested since the twentieth century.


benefactive (not comparable)

  1. (linguistics) Of or pertaining to the linguistic form or case or the semantic role of the beneficiary of an action. Expressed in English as "on behalf of" or "on one's behalf."
    • 1935, Charles Voeglin, Tübatulabal Grammar, University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology, volume 34, page 111:
      Normally, the repeated benefactive suffix is not found after the telic form of the verbal stem


benefactive (plural benefactives)

  1. A term or sentence element that serves a benefactive role or that is inflected for the benefactive case or a similar case (such as the dative case).