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be- +‎ ring +‎ -ed


beringed (comparative more beringed, superlative most beringed)

  1. wearing a ring
    • 1889, Charlotte M. Yonge, A Reputed Changeling[1]:
      He bowed low with the foreign courtesy which used to be so offensive to his contemporaries, and offered a delicate, beringed hand to lead the young lady to the little table, where grilled fowl and rolls, both showing the cookery of Hans, were prepared for her.
    • 1903, Carter Goodloe, Calvert of Strathore[2]:
      Calvert had opportunity to note these subtle changes which time had wrought in the original of the miniature while Mr. Jefferson bent low over the withered, beringed hand of the old Duchess, and he waited his turn to be presented to the ladies.
    • 1912, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, The Butterfly House[3]:
      Von Rosen laughed at the girl holding up her hand and staring at the beringed finger.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of bering