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BeV +‎ -a- +‎ -tron


bevatron (plural bevatrons)

  1. A particle accelerator of the 1950s, capable of imparting energies of billions of electron volts.
    • 1948, Can huge new atom guns shoot out biggest secrets? (in Popular Science, volume 152, number 1, January 1948)
      Dr. Ernest O. Lawrence, the inventor of the cyclotron, revealed the plans for one of these machines recently at the Sheffield centennial at Yale. It will be called a bevatron.
    • 1987, Armin Hermann, Lanfranco Belloni, John Krige, History of CERN: Launching the European Organization for Nuclear Research
      By pursuing this option her physicists had the best of both worlds: they could have access to a bevatron without disrupting their domestic programme.
    • 1990, Philip J. Regal, The anatomy of judgment
      In his science fiction novel, Eye in the Sky, a group of visitors fall through a proton beam when an observation platform breaks at a bevatron facility.


  • Polish: bewatron