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clipping of best +‎ -y



bezzy (plural bezzies)

  1. (informal, Britain) best friend
    • 2002, Imelda Pilgrim, quoting Sugar Magzine, Basic Skills in Neab GCSE English, page 76:
      Value your bezzies
    • 2010, Cara Aikin, Family Experiences of Bipolar Disorder, page 10:
      Sandy, my bezzy, we've held each other up for almost ten years.
    • 2011, Grace Dent, Diary of a Chav 3 - Too Cool for School:
      I'll miss the times when I paint Mum's toenails for her before she goes somewhere special like Goodmayes Social, 'cos it's not like we get on that well usually, but just for those five minutes we're like bezzies and Mum always fiddles about with my hair and I always call her feet 'hooves' and she laughs her head off.


bezzy (not comparable)

  1. (informal, Britain, of a friend) best
    • 2003, Arabella McIntyre-Brown, The Dragon that Squeaked:
      You great big humans might not notice me if you come to my house, but you'd notice my mate all right. My chum, my pal, my bezzy mate, he'd eat you in one gulp, if you were rude to me.
    • 2008, Letts Educational, KS2 Success SATs English, page 73:
      I went to the bommie party with my bezzy friend, and we watched the fireworks together.
    • 2010, Paul Lester, “New band of the day - No 845: Mohombi”, in The Guardian[1]:
      Mohimbo is there for five minutes and he's already bezzy mates with the most successful producer on the planet, the man who helped make Lady Gaga what she is today