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From bi- +‎ meter.


bimeter (plural bimeters)

  1. (dentistry) A type of gnathodynamometer having an adjustable central-bearing point.
    • 1951, Jerome Meyer, Oral Rehabilitation[1], page 528:
      It is unfortunate that the bimeter cannot be used in dentulous cases.
  2. (music) The setting of one meter against another.
    • 1973, Roland Nadeau, “The Grace and Beauty of Classic Rags: Structural Elements in a Distinct Musical Genre”, in Music Educators Journal[2], volume 59, number 8:
      A sophisticated variant of the bimeter in Figure 7 occurs when the values in the right-hand part are not even, but nevertheless establish a feeling of meter opposed to that in the bass (Figure 8).
  3. (poetry) A meter wherein each line has two metrical feet.
    • 1982, Willem Pieter Gerritsen, “Coornhert and Boethius: A Side-Light on the Genesis of Dutch Renaissance Verse”, in D.H. Green, editors, From Wolfram and Petrarch to Goethe and Grass[3], page 310:
      [] two poems combine tetrameters with trimeters, and two others tetrameters with bimeters.