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Etymology 1[edit]

bin +‎ -er.


binner ‎(plural binners)

  1. One who attempts to earn money from what can be recovered from trash bins, as coin-deposit bottles and cans.


Etymology 2[edit]

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binner ‎(plural binners)

  1. (Scotland, dialect) A bickering noise.
  2. (Scotland, dialect) A state of agitation; flurry.
    • 1915, H. Beaton, Benachie, pages 50, 163:
      Aye, if he wis comin' in his fite claes, bodybulk, I doot ye wid be a' in a binner, as weel's the horses. . . . I kent fin ye wis in sic a binner 'it a' wisna richt.


binner ‎(third-person singular simple present binners, present participle binnering, simple past and past participle binnered)

  1. (Scotland, dialect) To create a bickering noise.
    • 1768, A. Ross, Works (S.T.S.), page 163:
      To see the lambs come binn'ring down the brae.