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From Middle English byschopryke, bysschopriche, bisshopriche, from Old English bisċoprīċe, equivalent to bishop +‎ -ric (compare German Reich).



bishopric (plural bishoprics)

  1. A diocese or region of a church which a bishop governs.
    Synonym: diocese
    Later that year, he was appointed to the bishopric of Lindesmeere.
    • 1605, M. N. [pseudonym; William Camden], “Grave Speeches, and Wittie Apothegms of Woorthie Personages of This Realme in Former Times”, in Remaines of a Greater Worke, Concerning Britaine, [], London: [] G[eorge] E[ld] for Simon Waterson, OCLC 1064186951, page 220:
      Iohn Fiſher Biſhop of Rocheſter, when the King [Henry VII of England] would have tranſlated him from that poore Biſhopricke to a better, he refuſed, saying: He would not forſake his poore little olde wife, with whom he had ſo long lived.
  2. The office or function of a bishop.

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