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From bitter +‎ -some.


bittersome (comparative more bittersome, superlative most bittersome)

  1. Marked by bitterness (literal and figuratively)
    • 2000, Yang-Un Moon Eiman,, Multi-Mega-Trans-Metamorphosis:
      Save you out of whacked collapsed debris of bittersome mess of failures.
    • 2004, Srikanth Reddy, Facts for Visitors:
      Her hand grew heavy with it, & the salts, & the bittersome oils of her hand.
    • 2010, Thomas Emmett Waggoner, The Weight of Worlds:
      Walk lightly in the burrows / Of bittersome society.
    • 2016, Graham Richardson, Standing and Waiting:
      They let a bittersome poison creep into their hearts, concerning the failings of people.