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From blast +‎ -worthy.


blastworthy (comparative more blastworthy, superlative most blastworthy)

  1. Worthy or capable of being blasted; explosive.
    • 1969, Kenneth Macpherson, Close up: Volume 10:
      Shown with the foregoing, the desperate and blastworthy Puss in Boots
    • 1996, Arthur Roy Eckardt, On the way to death: essays toward a comic vision:
      Oxford Universal Dictionary is more accepting of things blastworthy. It allows places for both " — " and "flatulence," although respecting the former it does confess "not in decent use."
  2. (figuratively, slang, rare) Indicative of an exceptionally good time; enjoyable.
    Last year we had a blast; this year will be even more blastworthy.

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