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Blend of blizzard +‎ hurricane.


blizzicane (plural blizzicanes)

  1. (informal) A weather system that produces intense rain, wind, and snow.
    • 1993, Steve Stone, "Wicked Winds Tear Up Hampton Roas", The Virginian-Pilot, 14 March 1993:
      The "blizzicane" of '93 drenched Hampton Roads with monsoonlike rains Saturday morning, ripped the area with near-hurricane force wind in the early afternoon then began dropping some light snow after nightfall.
    • 2007, Chris Mooney, Storm World: Hurricanes, Politics, and the Battle Over Global Warming, Harcourt (2008), →ISBN, page 293:
      A certain form of extra-tropical cyclone, the infamous Nor'easter, can even come to exhibit "blizzicane" features, including dramatic drops in central pressure and an eyelike structure.
    • 2013, Mark Shanahan & Meredith Goldstein, "Fans flock to see ‘Today’ show at Faneuil Hall", Boston Globe, 15 February 2013:
      Lauer applauded the Hub for its response to last weekend’s blizzicane — a storm, he said, that “hammahd’’ the city, mimicking a Boston accent.