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Blend of blog +‎ celebrity.


blogebrity (countable and uncountable, plural blogebrities)

  1. (Internet, informal, countable) A well-known or popular blogger.
    • 2006, "Perez Hilton says he's an 'outsider'", USA Today, 6 November 2006:
      It's been quite a turnaround for Hilton, who said that before becoming a blogebrity he had been in a deep depression and last year filed for bankruptcy and was fired from a job at a celebrity weekly magazine.
  2. (Internet, informal, uncountable) The state or phenomenon of fame achieved through blogging.
    • 2008, "Introduction", in Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks from the Wild Web (ed. Sarah Boxer), Vintage Books (2008), →ISBN, page xii:
      Given that there are more than 80 million blogs out there, according to the Web-tracking site Technorati, with roughly 15.5 million of them active, "blogebrity" is quite a bizarre phenomenon anyway.