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  1. Eye dialect spelling of blue.
    • 1870, Various, Punchinello Vol. 1, No. 21, August 20, 1870[1]:
      Another chap had got my jack-nife, and was amusin' hisself by slashin' holes in my bloo cotton umbreller, which two other Muskeeters had shoved up, and was a settin' under, engaged in tyin' my panterloon legs into hard nots.
    • 1902, Alfred Lewis, Wolfville Nights[2]:
      "'That's whatever!' assents this marshal gent, 'an' you can gamble a bloo stack that hangin' you is a bet we ain't none likely to overlook.
    • 1918, J. Arthur Gibbs, A Cotswold Village[3]:
      The Consarvatives painted thurselves bloo, and the Radicals yaller, an' thay as danced the longest, the Roomans sent to Parlyment to rool the roost.



  1. Eye dialect spelling of blew.
    • 1838, William Makepeace Thackeray, Memoirs of Mr. Charles J. Yellowplush[4]:
      I stayed there sicks years; from sicks, that is to say, till my twelth year, during three years of witch I distinguished myself not a little in the musicle way, for I bloo the bellus of the church horgin, and very fine tunes we played too.