blood clot

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blood clot (plural blood clots)

  1. A mass of coagulated red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in a network of fibrin; a thrombus.



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Jamaican Creole[edit]


Derived from blood cloth: a reference to cloth used to catch menstrual blood prior to the invention of tampons and similar devices.

Alternative forms[edit]

Sometimes spelled with an "a" or double-"a" in the second word, or with a 'k' in place of the 'c' e.g., blood clat, blood klot, blood klaat.


blood clot

  1. (vulgar) General expression of annoyance, disgust, or dismay; offensive when directed at another person.
    Roland Littlewood, Pathology and Identity: The Work of Mother Earth in Trinidad (1993), p. 107.
    • The popular term of abuse, blood clot, has been taken as demonstrating Rasta concern about pollution with menstrual blood, and some groups are said to confine women in menstrual huts while in others men do the cooking at all times lest their queens be menstruating.

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