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Alternative forms[edit]


blow +‎ hard


blowhard (plural blowhards)

  1. (derogatory) A person who talks too much or too loudly, especially in a boastful or self-important manner.
    • 1861, "Correspondence of the Missouri Democrat," New York Times, 20 Oct., p. 2. (retrieved 24 Aug. 2009):
      The merchants are the most ultra Secessionists. . . . Some men of Northern origin were the most rabid. A "blowhard," named James Patterson, of Augusta, Jackson County, was originally from Pennsylvania. He stumped the county and was elected to the Convention, and cast his vote for secession.
    • 1896, Robert Barr, "The Shadow of the Greenback" in Revenge!:
      [T]he loud-mouthed blowhard seemed just the man to flinch when real danger confronted him.
    • 1941, "POLITICAL NOTES: Republican Rift?," Time, 17 Nov.:
      Oh, this bellowing, blatant, bellicose, belligerent, bombastic blowhard . . . .
    • 2008, Jo-Ellan Dimitrius and Wendy Mazzarella, Reading People[1], ISBN 9780345504135, page 137:
      In my profession, I have seen more than my share of blowhards who use volume to intimidate the weak, fool the feeble-minded, or control the insecure or lazy.
    • 2017 March 27, “The Observer view on triggering article 50”, in The Observer[2]:
      David Davis, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson and the other Brexit blowhards know they have no chance of achieving their stated aims, such as a £350m weekly NHS payback.