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  1. Alternative form of blue-skies


blue-sky (third-person singular simple present blue-skies, present participle blue-skying, simple past and past participle blue-skied)

  1. (transitive, business) To engage in blue-sky thinking about; to brainstorm on the subject of.
    • 1978, United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services. Subcommittee on Investigations. Nonappropriated Fund Panel, Hearings
      We looked at everything, blue-skied it. We have a different organization than the Air Force, you know. They push it all to the base level with some central direction from the top and some direction from the major command. Ours essentially is technical direction, financial management from the top []
    • 2000, Computerworld (volume 34, number 31, page 29)
      Maryville Technologies' stated commitments reads: “We will listen carefully to our clients and learn their technical and business needs to serve them well.” Maryville Technologies did just that with “We sat down and blue-skied it," says Gibbons, who spearheaded the engagement.