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brain +‎ storm


brainstorm (third-person singular simple present brainstorms, present participle brainstorming, simple past and past participle brainstormed)

  1. To investigate something, or solve a problem using brainstorming.
  2. To participate in a brainstorming session.


brainstorm (plural brainstorms)

  1. (US) A sudden thought, particularly one that solves a long-standing problem.
    I had been working on the problem for weeks, and then I had a brainstorm and saw that the solution was easy.
  2. (An instance of) brainstorming.
  3. (Britain) An unexpected mental error.
    • 2005, "Iguchi hit ruins Red Sox's night", BBC Online, 5 October
      A terrible fielding error from Tony Graffanino proved costly. [...] Aaron Rowand collected an RBI double to get them off the mark before Graffanino's brainstorm. Juan Uribe hit a roller to the second baseman, who let the potential inning-ending double-play ball roll under his glove, leaving runners at first and third bases.