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brain +‎ storm. In the sense of "seizure, convulsion, brain activity", from the idea that it is like a storm in the brain. In the sense of "problem-solving idea or session", from the unrelated idea of using the "brain to storm a problem" (see brainstorm).


brain storm (plural brain storms)

  1. A seizure, convulsion, or similar incident of abnormal brain activity.
    • 2008, Shiloh Walker, Through the Veil, →ISBN:
      The most honored one has had a brain storm — minor, but there was a second one past midnight.
    • 2012, Bonaventure Balla, Symbolism, Synesthesia, and Semiotics, Multidisciplinary Approach, →ISBN:
      Such communication is normally regulated by an appropriate amount of electricity but when the amount is very high (rate of 500 times per second), this results in a brain storm known as epilepsy.
    • 2015, Tony Bertauski, Ashes of Foreverland: A Science Fiction Thriller:
      To expand his mind would exhaust what little strength he still had and ignite the brain storm that had finally passed.
  2. Alternative form of brainstorm (sudden thought which solves a problem; brainstorming session)
    • 2010, Earl E. Gobel, The Fall of Perdition, →ISBN, page 258:
      And where were you when Josh came up with this brain storm?
    • 2011, Richard Maples, The Scapegoat, →ISBN:
      That was when I had it--a virtual brain storm. This whole episode, I could see, was a perfect answer.
    • 2012, Lucas Reijnders, nvironmentally Improved Production Processes and Products, →ISBN:
      In such a brain storm creativity may be stimulated by for instance looking at nature, products of competitors, alternative materials or delivery systems [36], or by focusing on improvement strategies outlined from section 3.2 onwards.
    • 2014, Richenda Power, A Question of Knowledge, →ISBN:
      In choosing to begin my presentation with a sequence of diary musings, a brain storm on reasons for studying knowledge as social scientists, and a teasing out of usages of 'knowledge' from two chance newspaper extracts I deliberately intend to start building a field that is not exclusive as to academic disciplines and language.


brain storm (third-person singular simple present brain storms, present participle brain storming, simple past and past participle brain stormed)

  1. Alternative form of brainstorm (solve a problem with brainstorming)
    • 2009, James "Butch" Rosser, Playin' to Win:
      The chancellor had recently announced a challenge to everyone at the university to brain storm and come up with cutting-edge ideas that could make the university competitive for grant dollars by submitting. . .
    • 2010, Tianamonet Tobie, Inner Impression/Outer Expression, →ISBN:
      Being open minded while receiving knowledge to help you brain storm later, is a healthy way to exercise your brain and strengthen your skills.
    • 2012, Jerome Otto Waters Jr, Capitol of Maryland, →ISBN, page 146:
      I used my spare time trying to brain storm on how I can make millions like them.