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blue +‎ beat, named after Blue Beat Records.


bluebeat (uncountable)

  1. Any of various styles of Jamaican music, popular in the United Kingdom in the 1960s.
    • 1971, Billboard (volume 83, number 46, 13 November 1971, page 34)
      Reggae music came to the UK shores as bluebeat and later through names like ska and rocksteady.
    • 2010, Joe Boyd, White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s, page 180:
      Chris returned with a trunk full of bluebeat 45s that sold out in days. On his next trip he decided to learn more about the Jamaican music business.
    • 2011, Ted Curtis, Robert Dellar, Leslie Esther, Mad Pride (page 38)
      There we could all dance, or in my case tap my feet the night away to OUR music: ska, bluebeat and motown.
    • 2013, Joseph O'Connor, Where Have You Been?, page 271:
      Bluebeat and ska from a boombox on the pavement. A suedehead dancing a delirious, inebriated moonstomp with a girl who looked like a solicitor's apprentice.