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From blunder +‎ -some.


blundersome (comparative more blundersome, superlative most blundersome)

  1. Apt or prone to cause blunders; troublesome; difficult; problematic.
    • 2007, Edward John Carnell, A Philosophy of the Christian Religion - Page 436:
      The disciples were proud, blundersome, quick tempered, forgetful, easily provoked to jealousy, sensitive, and often given to discouragement; but Jesus never condemned or scolded them.
    • 2014, Eric Temple Bell, The Magic of Numbers - Page 76:
      Laborious experiment to discover the facts about our environment is wearisome to all but a persistent few. Surely all this blundersome experimenting can be by-passed by some more direct route to the heart of nature?
    • 2014, Al K. Line, Orientation: The Commorancy Book 1 - Page 215:
      He had serious doubts that the person behind it, which he assumed was Varik, would be so crass and blundersome if he wanted to seriously threaten Marcus' existence.
  2. Indicating or marked by blunders or mistakes; messed-up.
    • 1992, Byron Herbert Reece, Better a Dinner of Herbs - Page 181:
      She could not scold the Idiot whatever blundersome thing he did; her compassion for him was limitless to encompass his lack of intelligence.
    • 2011, Caki Wilkinson, Circles where the Head Should be: Poems - Page 21:
      We open with the girl, born premature and blundersome (asthmatic, pigeon-toes, a crooked nose)—hardly the cynosure her genes could've produced.