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blurb +‎ -ification


blurbification (uncountable)

  1. The act or process of distillation into a blurb or sound bite.
    • 1989, Adam Liptak, "Movie Blurb of the Decade", Spy, October 1989, page 36:
      Preminger called Batman "the movie of the decade," thereby forever raising the stakes among froth-at-the-mouth, just-spell-my-name-right blurbification contenders.
    • 1998, David Johnson, "Book Review: 'Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year: A Month by Month Guide to Natural Events'", Journeys, 20 November 1998:
      Throughout the narrative, Davis takes his text beyond standardized "blurbification" found in other guidebooks with informative asides.
    • 2001, Lee Gardner, "You Can't Tell the Players Without a Program", Baltimore City Paper, 12 September 2001:
      Létourneau's art and music activities sprawl across so many international and interdisciplinary borders that they defy blurbification.