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From Ottoman Turkish بوغمق(boğmak, to choke, strangle, constrict by binding, overwhelm), from Proto-Turkic *bog- (to tie up, to strangle)

Cognate with Old Turkic [script needed] (boɣ-, to strangle), Azerbaijani boğmaq (to choke, strangle), Bashkir быуыу (bïwïw, to strangle), Chuvash пӑв (păv, to choke, strangle), Khakas поғырарға (poğırarğa, to squeeze, strangle), Kyrgyz буу (buu, to squeeze, tie), Turkmen bogmak (to tie, bind, choke), Uzbek bo'g'moq (to choke, strangle), Yakut буой (buoy, to hinder, forbid, prohibit). Compare Mongolian боох (booh, to tie up, bind, hinder, obstruct), possibly a Turkic borrowing.[1]


boğmak (third-person singular simple present boğar)

  1. (transitive) to choke, strangle, throttle; to suffocate; to drown
  2. (transitive, with dative case) to cover up with, drown (something) in (bluster, a torrent of words)



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