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  • IPA(key): /bokˈ, [bokˈk̟iːn̺o]
  • Stress: bocchìno
  • Hyphenation: boc‧chi‧no

Etymology 1[edit]

From bocca (mouth) +‎ -ino (-y, diminutive suffix).


bocchino m (plural bocchini)

  1. (dated) a small and pleasantly shaped mouth
    Synonyms: boccuccia
  2. (slang, vulgar) blowjob
    Synonyms: pompa, pompino

Etymology 2[edit]

From bocca (mouth) +‎ -ino (-ine, derivational suffix).


bocchino m (plural bocchini)

  1. the mouthpiece of a pipe
    Synonyms: cannello, cannuccia, imboccatura
  2. cigarette holder
    Synonyms: cannello, cannuccia
  3. the mouthpiece of a wind instrument
    Synonyms: bocchetta, imboccatura
  4. a metal strip that fastens the barrel of a rifle together with the foremost-end of the stock, where a bayonet can be fixed