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Raw boerewors


Borrowed from Afrikaans boerewors.


boerewors (countable and uncountable, plural boerewors)

  1. (South Africa) A traditional homemade sausage, now commercially available.
    The Boerewors recipe given here is for the basic, original boerewors, with suggestions as to how you can ring the changes.
    (Afri Chef: Boerewors: Farmers Sausage)
    • 2010, Steven Raichlen, Planet Barbecue!, Workman Publishing, page 350:
      To make truly authentic boerewors you'll need a sausage stuffer and casings.
    • 2016, Michael Reid, M: A 24 Hour Cookbook[1], Bloomsbury Publishing (Absolute Press), page 175:
      In the halcyon[sic] of sausages, if there were such a thing, boerewors would likely be crown prince.
    • 2019, Gregory Mthembu-Salter, Wanted Dead and Alive: The Case for South Africa's Cattle, Cover2Cover (face2face), page 48,
      The poet Antjie Krog has written evocatively about boerewors as the physical manifestation of a well-run farm, with the patriarch and his men raising and providing good-quality meat and the matriarch, armed with a prized, secret family recipe, organising her kitchen staff into the production line required to make the perfect wors.

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From boer (farmer) +‎ wors (sausage).


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boerewors (plural boereworse)

  1. A traditional homemade sausage, now commercially available.