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home +‎ made


homemade (comparative more homemade, superlative most homemade)

  1. Made at home.
    a homemade chicken casserole
    • 2014 April 21, Mary Keen, “You can still teach an old gardener new tricks: Even the hardiest of us gardeners occasionally learn useful new techniques [print version: Gardening is always ready to teach even the hardiest of us a few new tricks, 19 April 2014]”, in The Daily Telegraph (Gardening)[1], page G7:
      [T]he very wet winter will have washed much of the goodness out of the soil. Homemade compost and the load of manure we get from a friendly farmer may not be enough to compensate for what has leached from the ground.
  2. Made by oneself.
    Synonyms: self-made, homebrew
    a homemade bomb
  3. In a simple style as if made at home.

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