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From Middle English available, avayllable, avayleable, equivalent of avail +‎ -able


  • IPA(key): /əˈveɪləb(ə)l/
  • (file)


available (comparative more available, superlative most available)

  1. Such as one may avail oneself of; capable of being used for the accomplishment of a purpose.
    We have an available candidate.
    • 1905, Baroness Emmuska Orczy, chapter 2, in The Affair at the Novelty Theatre[1]:
      For this scene, a large number of supers are engaged, and in order to further swell the crowd, practically all the available stage hands have to ‘walk on’ dressed in various coloured dominoes, and all wearing masks.
  2. Readily obtainable.
    The list shows the available products in the store.
  3. (law) Valid.
    This is an available plea.
  4. (archaic) Having sufficient power, force, or efficacy to achieve the purpose; availing, effective.
    • 1861, E. J. Guerin, Mountain Charley, page 22:
      One thing however, I finally settled upon—and that was, if I ever did meet him that I would shoot him precisely as I would shoot a mad dog. In order to make this plan available, I had [] armed myself with a revolver.
    • 1897, Henry Banroft, Proceedings - Institution of Mechanical Engineers, canal Boat Propulsion:
      The different navigations she had to pass through for this purpose were such that only an independent method of propulsion would be available.
  5. Free to meet someone, speak on the telephone, enter a romantic relationship, or the like.
    I have a question for you when you're available.
    Hi, this is Mark Smith calling. Is your mother available?
    I asked her if she was available, but she said she had a boyfriend.



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