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bog +‎ myrtle; plants with small evergreen leaves are often named after the myrtle.


bog-myrtle (plural bog-myrtles)

  1. An herbal shrub with a sweet resinous smell that grows in bogs and other wet, acidic environments, Myrica gale
    • 1834, L[etitia] E[lizabeth] L[andon], Francesca Carrara. [], volume I, London: Richard Bentley, [], (successor to Henry Colburn), OCLC 630079698, page 56:
      There was nothing of that luxuriance of blossom which had hitherto clothed the wood, for there were no hawthorns; but the bog-myrtle imparted its tender fragrance, and the caressing honeysuckle wound round many an ancient trunk, odours exhaling from every fairy-like tube—fit trumpets for the heralds of Titania.