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boil +‎ off.


boiloff (countable and uncountable, plural boiloffs)

  1. The vaporization of a liquid (or solid) whose boiling point is lower that that of the environment in which it is stored.
    • 1970, Lawrence William Jones, Toward a Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Economy, page 11:
      One would not be able to return from an extended holiday and drive off in the family car in view of the boiloff from even the best insulated tank.
    • 1991, Verne Carlson, Sylvia Carlson, Professional Lighting Handbook, page 209:
      "Boiloff" of the tungsten from the filament that adheres to the inside of a tungsten-standard bulb blade
    • 1994, R. D. Langenkamp, Handbook of Oil Industry Terms and Phrases, page 40:
      BOILOFF The vaporization or gasification of liquefied natural gas […]. Boiloff occurs when the holding vessel's insulation fails to maintain the temperature to keep the gas in liquid form.