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From bonkers +‎ -dom.


bonkersdom (uncountable)

  1. (colloquial) The state of being bonkers; craziness.
    • 1982, The Voluntaryist (issues 1-22, page 7)
      Has George Smith fallen over the edge into bonkersdom?
    • 2010, Simon Mills, "Shortcuts", The Guardian, 20 Jul 2010:
      "CLC" (that's "Courtney Love Cobain") travels the world, texting and tweeting her barely lucid missives from the frontline of fashion, fabulousness and utter bonkersdom.
    • 2010, Nigel Goodall, A Life in Time and Space - The Biography of David Tennant
      She will freely admit that she's anally retentive to the point of bonkersdom. There was a dishwasher that we were never allowed to use, goodness knows why, and she used to have a thing about never putting the heating on.