bonne bouche

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Borrowing from French bonne bouche (literally good mouth(ful)).


bonne bouche (plural bonnes bouches)

  1. A gourmet titbit.
    • 1807 April 18, Washington Irving, “To Correspondents”, in Salmagundi[1], G. P. Putnam's sons, New York, page 183-184:
      It is a melancholy truth that this same New York, though the most charming, pleasant, polished, and praiseworthy city under the sun, and in a word the bonne bouche of the universe, is most shockingly ill-natured and sarcastic, and wickedly given to all manner of backslidings ; for which we are very sorry, indeed.
    • 2005 : Just then the desserts, mere bonnes bouches in foot-wide puddles of pink coulis, were set in front of them. - Alan Hollinghurst, The Line of Beauty, (Bloomsbury Publishing, paperback edition, 378)