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From (obsolete) bufflehead ‎(buffalo-head, stupid person). Boofhead was the name of a cartoon character in a Sydney newspaper during the 1940s.[1]


boofhead ‎(plural boofheads)

  1. (Australia, slang, derogatory) Idiot.
    • 2007, Felice Arena, Garry Lyon, Specky Magee & the Spirit of the Game, unnumbered page,
      ‘Ah, if it isn′t the grunter and his boofhead mate, Biff,’ said Matt, standing between Specky and the two Sovereign Grove thugs.
    • 2010, Emily Maguire, Smoke in the Room, page 2,
      ‘And he looks fit. Strong. I worry about you here alone. There are some real boofheads in this building.’
      ‘Harmless boofheads. Anyway, I′m safer with boofheads down the hall than some religious nut-job muscle man in the flat with me.’
    • 2010, Cathryn Brunet, Three Over Par, unnumbered page,
      “Stop it, you daft thing.” He draws me into a warm hug. “I might be a bit of a boofhead but I do understand.”
      My arms wrap tightly around him. “You′re not a boofhead. You′re a very nice man and I′m glad you′re my friend.”


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