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bookend (plural bookends)

  1. A heavy object or moveable support placed at one or both ends of a row of books for the purpose of keeping them upright.
  2. (figuratively) Something that comes before, after, or at both sides of something else.
    • 2012, Kelly Fiveash, Snooper's-charter plans are just misunderstood, sniffles tearful May, on The Register [1]
      The cabinet minister's appearance served as something of a bookend to her grilling by the Home Affairs select committee in April this year []



bookend (third-person singular simple present bookends, present participle bookending, simple past and past participle bookended)

  1. To come before and after, or at both sides of
    • 2006, Henry Owings & Patton Oswalt, The Overrated Book[2], ISBN 0867196572, page 105:
      Side one has good songs bookended by better songs.