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Alternative forms[edit]


From bottle +‎ -o (diminutive suffix).



bottle-o (plural bottle-os)

  1. (Australia, informal, obsolete) A door-to-door trader in used bottles.
    • a. 1922, Henry Lawson, 1984, Leonard Cronin (editor), A Fantasy of Man: Henry Lawson Complete Works, 1901-1922, Part 2, page 546,
      Time was when my old friend, Benno the bottle-o, drew his turn-out into the shade of the big old fig-trees under the church at the top of the hill, and went back and thrashed the most notoriously brutal driver well and good.
    • 1970, Patrick White, The Vivisector Vintage 1994, p. 574:
      And Pa, that bottle-o, drunk once on misery.
    • 1985, Peter Carey, Illywhacker, Faber and Faber 2003, p. 103:
      the bottle-oh with the cleft tongue rode his wagon wrapped tight in an old grey blanket and had his battle-oh cries blown westwards before the icy gusts of wind.
    • 2010, Kathleen M. McGinley, Out of the Daydream: Based on the Autobiography of Barry Mcginley Jones[1], page 74:
      Another character was the bottle-o man. He would come around on weekends down the lane standing on a dray driven by an old horse while he cried out: “booooddle-o, any old rags and boddles? Booooddle-o”.
    • 2011, Richard Plant, Life's a Blur, unnumbered page,
      When Kate was a girl living in Albert Park, a lifetime before she met Rex, her bottle-o had some sort of motor truck. Some of us can remember the horse and cart used by the bottle-o, the milk-o, the ice-man, and especially the woodman.
  2. (Australia, New Zealand, informal) A bottle shop.