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bottle green (countable and uncountable, plural bottle greens)

  1. A dark green colour, like that of some wine bottles.
    bottle green:  
    • 1946, George Johnston, Skyscrapers in the Mist, page 35:
      He stopped to look at a shop selling ladies' wear, and stared for a long time at a bottle-green suit of corduroy slacks.
    • 1958, Anthony Burgess, The Enemy in the Blanket (The Malayan Trilogy), published 1972, page 292:
      Anne Talbot looked demurely ravishing, as was her intention, in a very low-cut evening frock of bottle-green, choker of Kelantan silver, earrings in the shape of krises.



bottle green (comparative more bottle green, superlative most bottle green)

  1. Of a dark green colour, like that of some wine bottles.


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