box canyon

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Namurachi Box Canyon, Mexico

Alternative forms[edit]


box canyon (plural box canyons)

  1. A canyon which has a single access for entrance and exit, being otherwise enclosed on all sides by steep walls.
    • 1912, Jack London, chapter 2, in Smoke Bellew:
      The Box Canyon was adequately named. It was a box, a trap.
    • 1917, Zane Grey, chapter 6, in Wildfire:
      For days he camped on Wildfire's trail, always relentlessly driving him, always watching for the trap he hoped to find. . . . Sooner or later Wildfire would go down into a high-walled wash, from which there would be no outlet; or he would wander into a box-canyon.
    • 2005 July 3, Alison Berkley, “In Telluride, the Skis Are Stowed, but Good Times Aren't”, in New York Times, retrieved 16 January 2014:
      Highway 145 dead-ends on the east end of Telluride, where a box canyon affords no further passage.