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box up (third-person singular simple present boxes up, present participle boxing up, simple past and past participle boxed up)

  1. (transitive) To pack into boxes.
  2. (transitive) To confine.
    to be boxed up in narrow quarters
  3. (transitive, gambling) To shuffle (dice) so that the gamblers can choose from among them.
    • 1948, Thomas Louis Stix, "Say it Ain't So, Joe." (page 243)
      The book gets behind the money, the mechanic picks up the crap stick and starts boxing up the dice.
    • 1980, John Scarne, Scarne on Dice (page 275)
      He made no attempt to rip the die back out again, but simply left it in the game and when the dice were boxed up it went into the bowl and was lost []


  • (pack into boxes): box