boy racer

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boy racer ‎(plural boy racers)

  1. (Britain, New Zealand) a young man who drives recklessly fast, especially one who participates in gatherings of car-culture enthusiasts and/or in illegal street racing.
    • 2006, Geoff Porter, Little Bites of Australia, page 240,
      By this time in the evening, the city was mainly quiet, with one exception, boy racers; young men out to impress each other, as well as the city's young females, periodically tore along the street, in a variety of cars, booming out ‘musical’ bass rhythms, apparently oblivious of the speed limits and any concern for anybody else.
    • 2006, Jan Colley, Melting the Icy Tycoon, page 51,
      He and his boy racer mates used to spend every Friday and Saturday nights spreading diesel across the roads and racing their cars.
    • 2011, Andy Frankham-Allen, Seeker, Untreed Reads, unnumbered page,
      The sound of music pumping from the arcades was one thing, this was a standard sound expected in a seaside resort, but the cacophony of the boy racers was not.