boy racer

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boy racer (plural boy racers)

  1. (Britain, New Zealand) a young man who drives recklessly fast, especially one who participates in gatherings of car-culture enthusiasts and/or in illegal street racing.
    • 2006, Geoff Porter, Little Bites of Australia[1], page 240:
      By this time in the evening, the city was mainly quiet, with one exception, boy racers; young men out to impress each other, as well as the city's young females, periodically tore along the street, in a variety of cars, booming out ‘musical’ bass rhythms, apparently oblivious of the speed limits and any concern for anybody else.
    • 2006, Jan Colley, Melting the Icy Tycoon[2], page 51:
      He and his boy racer mates used to spend every Friday and Saturday nights spreading diesel across the roads and racing their cars.
    • 2011, Andy Frankham-Allen, Seeker, Untreed Reads, unnumbered page,
      The sound of music pumping from the arcades was one thing, this was a standard sound expected in a seaside resort, but the cacophony of the boy racers was not.