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bread +‎ -er


breader (plural breaders)

  1. Someone or something that coats food items with breadcrumbs.
    • 1976, USITC Publication - Issue 773, page A-33:
      The packinghouse usually delivers shrimp to a few regular customers, such as breaders, freezers, canners, or wholesalers of fresh shrimp.
    • 1983, Chilton's Food Engineering - Volume 55, page 111:
      The "key" to the breader's versatility is its ability to handle three kinds of material, according to chief engineer Michael E. Miller.
    • 2009, Wells Tower, Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned: Stories:
      She cut the fish into bite-size cubes, dipped them in store-bought breader, and dropped them into a pan of boiling oil.